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The Art of Gathering Digital Course

The Art of Gathering digital course is a 6-week learning experience created to guide you through the process of planning and hosting intentional gatherings — for special occasions, in the workplace, or in your communities. 

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Image of Priya Parker's Art of Gathering Course
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What is the Art of Gathering?

How we gather shapes the world we want to live in. Yet, much of our time together is spent on autopilot. We often find ourselves in uninspiring moments that fail to capture us or connect us to one another.

The Art of Gathering is a framework of practical lessons, inspiring ideas, and real-world applications to help you transform the way you spend your time with and for your people.

It’s the start of a lifelong practice that instills in you a curiosity, willingness, and a generosity of spirit to ask: How might I do this differently?

What Will I Learn?
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Meet Your Teacher

Hi! I’m Priya Parker. I’m a facilitator, strategic advisor, and the author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters.

I’ve spent my life studying and experiencing when, how, and why groups come together…and when, how, and why they come apart.

My mission is to help you take a deeper look at how to create collective meaning in modern life without all having to be the same. One gathering at a time.

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Is The Art of Gathering right for me?

The Art of Gathering is designed to help you create and host meaningful gatherings whether at work, with friends, or in your community. The diverse range of lessons and real-world examples will help you unlock creativity in how you define your gathering need, as well as in your planning and design.

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Gathering at Work
Improve how you spend time with your teams. Design for effective and enjoyable in-person and virtual moments in the workplace.

Examples include: meetings, retreats, workshops, and conferences.

Photo of a wedding trestle.

Special Occasions
Reimagine traditional event and occasion formats to shape memorable group experiences that are important to you.

Examples include: weddings, baby showers, holidays, and life milestones.

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Community Gatherings
Elevate your next formal get-together to bring meaning and connection amongst friends, family, and your communities.

Examples include: dinner parties, books clubs, neighborhood and school events.

What You'll Learn - The Art of Gathering Curriculum

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Lesson One: Determine why you're really gathering.

Learn to define your need, create a purpose to address that need, and why it’s important.

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Lesson Two: Shape how you spend your time together.

Evaluate how to add a bit of structure to your gathering and what factors to consider when planning your activities.

Lesson Three Graphic Image, Collection of Shapes.

Lesson Three: Create a compelling invitation.

Move beyond logistics and craft a persuasive invitation that intrigues your guests and sets everyone up for success.

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Lesson Four: Open with a memorable welcome.

​​Create a powerful welcoming moment for your guests to orient them to your gathering’s purpose and to each other.

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Lesson Five: Design and host for connection.

What is the role of a host?
Embrace your power as a host and design for connection.

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Lesson Six: Own your power as the host.

Avoid underhosting. Create playful rules and structure to protect your guests and purpose from being derailed.

What to Expect

Across six weeks, Priya will guide you through the six core elements of artful gathering to help you take simple, concrete steps that make a powerful impact on how you bring your people together.

What to Expect

Across six weeks, Priya will guide you through the six core elements of artful gathering to help you take simple, concrete steps that make a powerful impact on how you bring your people together.

I'm Ready to Get Started

Step One: 

Choose a Gathering.

This course walks you through planning a gathering that's important to you at home, at work, or in your community. This can be for an ongoing gathering you’re trying to fix or upgrade or a one-time moment that feels higher stakes. If you don't have a gathering in mind, we'll provide you with some options!

Step Two: 

Establish a weekly learning schedule.

Each weekly lesson includes digestible pre-recorded videos, a digital and printable handbook for notetaking and planning, relevant case studies to inspire, and supporting resources to explore. The course is designed for flexibility: You will choose a regular day and time that works for you to dedicate to the weekly digital lesson.


Step Three: 

Attend quarterly office hours.

Priya will be conducting quarterly office hours to go over the most pertinent issues facing the community. We'll review your comments and questions, and may even reach out to you to build rich case studies for these live events. The first call will be in March, details to come.


Step Four: 

Continue to practice.

Gathering is a practice to nurture and refresh. Not every gathering you plan will follow the same format. Return to the material as often as necessary. It’s an invaluable reference as you continue to shape new and creative ways of spending time with your people.

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Approach Your Next Gathering With Confidence, Creativity, and Intention 

Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with some tips on how to get started. You will gain immediate access to Lesson 1 with all of the related resources, as well as Lessons 5 and 6 in case you want to skip ahead to learn more about the role of the host.

We offer three ways to join. A one-time payment of $397 for the 6-week training. We also have an installment plan of $144/mo for 3 months. Finally, if you are part of a group and would like to take the course together, click here to learn more. Discounted needs-based seats are also made available quarterly. See below for more information.

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