Are you in a group that would like to take the Art of Gathering Digital Course together?


Our cohort sign-up deal is perfect for groups of 2-8 people planning a gathering together or wanting to change the culture of how your group or community comes together.


If your group is larger than 8 people, or if you’re interested in purchasing the course for your wider team, please contact us for more information.

What Distinguishes the Cohort Experience?

We have created some important modifications for the cohort experience that you can access by signing up as a group. 

For more information about the course as a whole, click here

An Emphasis On Roles.

One of the most important things your group can do when planning a gathering is to work within well-defined roles.

Who is the host (or hosts)? Who is designing the overall structure for the day? Who will lead the exercises and activities? Who’s going to make the opening remarks?
We've added content to the cohort experience that will help you better understand who is responsible for what (and yes roles can be shared).


Weekly Agendas.

Cohort registration includes pre-made weekly agendas with prompts to guide your group after each lesson.

Whether you’re looking for a culture shift or planning a specific gathering together, the agendas will help you and your group come together to process, discuss, and apply the weekly lesson.


Group Discount. 

We offer a discount that increases the larger your group is!

This applies to groups larger than 8 as well but we ask that you please contact [email protected] to learn more about participating in the Art of Gathering for larger groups.

Only one person from your group needs to sign up and pay. Accounts will automatically be created for your team members once you add their information.

Choose Your Team Size Below 

Team sizes below include the person signing up. For example, if you and one other person are taking the course, you would choose a 2-Person team. 

If you have a team larger than 8 people, please contact us here for more information

2-Person Team


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3-Person Team


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4-Person Team


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5-Person Team


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6-Person Team


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7-Person Team


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8-Person Team


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Frequently Asked Questions

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