The Art of Gathering Digital Course — Wedding Edition 


Priya's expanded her best-selling course on how to gather better with wedding-specific bonus videos, exercises, and resources to help you plan your wedding with meaning, intentionality, and purpose.

Your wedding is one of the most important gatherings you'll ever plan together. Whether you're reimagining old traditions, creating new rituals, or navigating conflicting opinions on the guest list, the Art of Gathering Wedding Edition will be your helpful guide and companion through the process.

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The Art of Gathering Wedding Edition helps you go beyond your color scheme and floral arrangements (of course those can be important, too!) and focus on what makes your wedding day buzz with energy and meaning.


What is the Art of Gathering?

How we gather shapes the world we want to live in. Weddings are a beautiful example of this, and an opportunity for us to learn about how to gather better, more intentionally, and more meaningfully.


Weddings are a high-stakes gathering moments that often bring together the various communities important to two different people. Yet, much of wedding planning is spent on autopilot repeating forms and rituals without pausing to ask "why" or "doesn't this really represent who we are".

The Art of Gathering is a framework. It's a set of practical lessons, inspiring ideas, and real-world applications to help you transform the way you plan a wedding celebration that reflects what you really want and need — while helping you navigate moments of tension and conflict with care.

It’s the start of a lifelong practice that instills in you a curiosity, willingness, and a generosity of spirit to ask: How might I do this differently? — for wedding planning and future gatherings to come.

What Will I Learn?

What You'll Learn: The Art of Gathering  Wedding Edition Curriculum

In addition to the Art of Gathering standard lessons, you'll receive bonus videos on select wedding planning topics, as well as specific exercises and resources. 

Lesson One Graphic Image, Collection of Shapes.

Lesson One: Determine what your wedding means to you.

Learn to define your need, create a purpose to address that need, and why it’s important.

Wedding Bonus Video: Purpose

Lesson Two Graphic Image, Collection of Shapes.

Lesson Two: Shape how you spend your time together.

Evaluate how to add a bit of structure to your wedding events and what factors to consider when planning your activities.

Wedding Bonus Video: Exclusion

Lesson Three Graphic Image, Collection of Shapes.

Lesson Three: Create a compelling invitation.

Craft a persuasive invitation that intrigues your guests and primes them for what to expect.

Wedding Bonus Video: Priming

Lesson Four Graphic Image, Collection of Shapes.

Lesson Four: Open with a memorable welcome.

​​Create a powerful welcoming moment for your guests to orient them to your wedding’s purpose and to each other.

Wedding Bonus Video: Ritual

Lesson Five Graphic Image, Collection of Shapes.

Lesson Five: Design and host for connection.

What is the role of a host?
Embrace your power as a host and design for connection.

Wedding Bonus Video: Connection

Lesson Six Graphic Image, Collection of Shapes.

Lesson Six: Own your power as the host.

Create playful rules and structure to protect your guests and purpose from being derailed.

Wedding Bonus Video: Money & Power

What to Expect

Across six weeks, Priya will guide you through the six core elements of artful gathering to help you take simple, concrete steps that make a powerful impact on how you bring your people together.

What to Expect

Across six lessons, Priya will guide you through the core elements of artful gathering to help you take concrete and impactful steps that toward planning a wedding that is connective, meaningful, and true to who you are.

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Step One: 

Choose your wedding event.

This course walks you through planning a wedding event  that's important to you and how you engage your community. Weddings are many gatherings in one — ceremonies, cocktail hours, receptions, showers, weekend getaways, and more. Decide which wedding event or events you want to use as your focus for the course.

Step Two: 

Choose your wedding planning team.

Your wedding is one of the most important gatherings you'll ever plan. We highly recommend you take this with your partner since it's a celebration that represents you both. Whomever you choose to include in your wedding planning support team, one digital course registration includes three log-ins so you can learn, scheme, and have some fun together. 


Step Three: 

Establish a weekly learning schedule.

While we recommend focusing on a lesson per week, the course is designed for flexibility and busy wedding planning schedules. Each lesson includes digestible pre-recorded videos, a digital and printable handbook for notetaking and planning, case studies to inspire, and supporting resources to explore. Choose a regular day and time that works for you and your planning crew to dedicate to the lesson content.

Your registration also grants you access to Priya's quarterly office hours to dive into pertinent issues faced in the Artful Gathering Course community.


Step Four: 

Continue to practice.

Gathering is a practice to nurture and refresh. Return to the core material as often as necessary. It’s an invaluable reference as you continue to shape new and creative ways of spending time with your people beyond your wedding day.

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Finally, if you would like to purchase the course as a gift for someone you know who is planning a wedding, we have a gift-card option available as well.

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Meet Your Teacher

Hi! I’m Priya Parker. I’m a facilitator, strategic advisor, and the author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters.

I’ve spent my life studying and experiencing when, how, and why groups come together…and when, how, and why they come apart.

My mission is to help you take a deeper look at how to create collective meaning in modern life without all having to be the same. One gathering at a time.

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